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When you need to get things done throughout your day, as a real estate agent, you need a smarter way to do it. Mozak Virtual Assistant is always there to help you 24/7 throughout the day.

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Chatting & talking with Mozak is a quicker and smarter way to get things done. Mozak is always with you -- while you are at the office, at the gym, showing homes, and vacationing -- ready to help you throughout your day. Just say “Hey Mozak” and watch all of your real estate tasks get done.


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The power of a real estate assistant in your back pocket

Take your real estate business to the level by delegating, communicating, and keeping track of all your tasks in one easy place.

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Communicate with ease

Just say “Hey Mozak” and watch all of your real estate tasks get done.

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Scheduling when you want

When selling real estate there are tons of tasks that lead you to the closing table. Tasks like scheduling inspections and meetings can all be done by Mozak.

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Send tasks 24/7

Offload tasks to your Mozak virtual assistant and track all of your tasks & homes in one simple place and Mozak will handle all of the work.

Mozak is licensed to create real estate documents and send them to all third parties with ease. We can operate as your transaction coordinator to make sure all of your real estate contracts are managed with expertise and ease.

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Track progress wherever you are

Track progress and get notified when Mozak works on tasks, drafts documents, and much more. Chat with Mozak anytime of the day. It is your personal real estate assistant, always ready to help.

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Out & About

Take Mozak wherever you go. Watch your real estate tasks get completed while you are out & about.

Getting Organized

Unload all of your real estate tasks whenever and wherever you are. And the more you use Mozak, the better it knows what you need at any moment in your real estate business.

Be safe & secure

Keep all of your live chats, messages, homes, and data in one place. Mozak will work safe and securely at all times.

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Mozak will do your first task for FREE. It is an awesome way to find out how a real estate virtual assistant could help you decrease the tasks on your to-do list

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can I cancel anytime?

Yes you can! Email our Client Support team prior to your next billing cycle. If you have already been billed, your cancellation request will not take effect until the following month.

What if I need more hours?

If you go over your limit you can go to your customer portal or contact Mozak for more hours.

How will my virtual office work?

You will have access to a project management software where you can have real time interaction with your virtual assistant, view homes & clients and track time spent.

How are my hours tracked?

You can view your hours in the Mozak app. If you are running out of time Mozak will notify you well ahead of that.

What tasks can Mozak do?

Mozak is skilled in various tasks and freeing up your time! tasks such as transaction coordination, scheduling, marketing for homes, etc. See "What to ask Mozak" to learn what you can do.

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Our app is available for Apple and Android phones and tablets. You will need a Mozak account to use it - you can sign up for access and a free trial here.

*Works on iOS 10.0.5+, Android Kitkat and above.

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