Why a Real Estate Brand Wins Over a Real Estate Business


As a real estate entrepreneur who’s been ‘in the market” for a while, I have something I need to say. I am swallowing this nervousness in my throat even as I type this. My words may have you shaking your head at first. But, give me a chance to explain, and I hope it makes more sense at the end of this public service announcement. Okay, here goes.

People don’t care about what you do….(eeeek...that was hard to type).

Wait. Don’t click off yet. Let me explain.

There are over 1 MILLION real estate agents in the United States, and now, almost all of them can be located right here on the internet. With a simple Google search, anyone can find a real estate agent. But, when I talk to agents who are working to establish themselves in the industry, they are struggling with leads, buyers, and potential clients. People are simply tired of how we approach them. Why are they tired of us? Mostly because we all look and sound alike (I’m ducking to avoid the eggs that may be thrown at me). Yes, real estate agents, who are ALL about their BUSINESS, seem to look alike on their business cards, sound alike in their advertisements, and use the same “balloon on the sign” methods for attracting people to them. And the truth is, these methods aren’t working anymore. It’s time to take ourselves out of the box, and start strategically placing ourselves within a brand. The box is a business. The brand is a lifestyle.

Imagine this.

You are scrolling on Instagram during your lunch, you take a sip of your chai tea, and Instagram tells you you might want to follow this fabulously dressed woman. She resembles someone you’d befriend, so you take the bait. You click the profile. Then, it smacks you in the face. The business smacks you. The beloved squares of the IG thread are filled with homes for sale, business card graphics, and real estate “stuff”. You sigh. You were hoping to see beautifully placed pictures, smiling kiddos scattered throughout, and maybe even some yummy food shots. You were looking for the story of her life, so you could make a connection to her. Unfortunately, you couldn’t connect because her story was missing and her business scared you away.

Have you ever had that happen? Well, guess what? This is how many of our potential clients feel. They want to connect with us, they look over our profiles on Facebook or Instagram, but the business smacks them in the face. Now, this may not bother everyone, but many people aren’t into businesses, they’re into people. The world wants to know about you, the person, not the service you offer. Will you get to share with them what you do? Yes. Should your position be the first thing they learn? Not anymore.

So, the question is this: how do you not become the woman on Instagram I talked about earlier?

You have to brand YOU. Remember, the term “brand” can be a verb or a noun. You will have to do one in order to create the other. You will have to share the story of who you are as a real estate agent, and build an entity based the story and personality within you.

A brand is about you.

A brand is about the story you want to share.

A brand is about personality, life, and authenticity.

A brand is about the way you make others feel.

A business is selling something.

A business is telling others you sell something.

A business is showing others what you sell.

As connections and relationships become the basis for success, we have to focus on the brand, and not the business. Share more than you sell. Connect more than you command. Build the brand, and the business will flourish.

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