How I Automated and Built my Real Estate Brand and Empire



Once upon a time in the realm of real estate lived a very stressed, and overworked real estate maiden who always dreamed of having her own real estate empire. She wanted an empire that created passive income and allowed her to help the fair people of Raleigh with their real estate needs. But, she didn’t want to compromise her love of traveling and spending time with friends and family. There was one problem, she had been doing all of the background work alone in which she never had a work-life balance. She was doing quite well for a one-woman show, but she couldn’t do this forever especially if she were going to meet her empire goals. She deserved time, freedom, and peace of mind even while leading and growing her real estate empire. That real estate maiden was me four years ago. The most important lesson I learned when building my biz is to recognize when I needed help. I had my hands in so many pots I didn’t know which one to give up. 

I started thinking backwards and I began to reevaluate my personal branding and business branding presence. As I looked at all of my branding and marketing efforts, I was shocked to see that I had become a BASIC CHICK! My branding looked like everyone else. You know the cookie cutter templates, logos, and basic websites you copy and paste from your agency or a real estate book that told you it was a tried and true method. I didn’t have my own TRUE BRAND. 



How could I compete with millions of other real estate professionals if I could not stand out from the crowd? I had to find a way to build an automated marketing brand around myself and my real estate biz that didn’t take away from my “me” time. Guess what, I did! I automated the snot out of it! I started to create unique templates that created a custom feel for my social media sphere and my clients all the while automating the process so that I can focus on what I do best.  I was able to effectively automate my brand, marketing, customer service, and admin support. I got so stinking good at it I was able to travel overseas months at a time and finally get into the real estate investing game. But enough about me, let’s talk about you. 

You absolutely need real estate branding and marketing assistance if:

  • You want to automate and build a powerful brand and business that market’s yourself and your real estate biz. 

  • You want to simplify your conversion process.

  • Your branding and marketing look like everyone else and your feeling BASIC. 

  • You want a unique and powerful brand and design but do not have the time nor do you want to pay THOUSANDS of dollars towards graphic designs, websites, and building your social media presence. 

  • You need a work-life balance, and you know you can’t continue to do everything by yourself. 

  • You're that person who looks like a fish out of the water and does not know how to start or stay consistent.


There is nothing equal to having the life you want while having your brand and marketing work for you not against you.  

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