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how mozak works!

A digital marketing and branding suite that is focused on helping real estate entrepreneurs grow their biz. Mozak is for REAL ESTATE AGENTS, INVESTORS,WHOLESALERS AND REAL ESTATE ENTREPRENEURS that are looking to stand out from the crowd and to grow their digital brand like a boss! Here’s how it works:

step one: Choose a template


Customizable Marketing Flyers

Showcase and market your properties like a real estate boss!

graphic collections

quality themed stock photos

To stay consistent with your company & personal brand colors

social media posts

Social media


Never run out of content! We keep it fresh with new monthly stock images

grpahic packs

graphic packs, ig covers & templates

Instagram highlight covers, templates, textures and more! To help you create a consistent & visually appealing brand




To simplify your conversion process & elevate your brand presence

Logos & Signatures

Customizable Signatures

To Build a personal real estate brand & presence

step two: Customize your template

pair-of-flyers-template-lying-on-a-transparent-surface-a15048 (3).png

step three: download and start marketing!

for sale 2 (website).png
green Instagram Profile 2 (2).png
frontal-mockup-of-a-white-iphone-6-plus-over-a-transparent-background-a11471 (2).png

automatic instagram & facebook posts

Who has time to worry about the Gram or Facebook feed when you are trying to work ON your business and not IN the business. We have taken the the endless frustration of trying to find the perfect image and content by posting for you!

I am no longer in an industry where I only wear one hat. I am a real estate investor, wholesaler, and agent. That is why I use Mozak. It is a one stop shop where as an real estate entrepreneur, I can get branding and marketing content that doesn’t look generic.
— Tamara Reed from hello homes

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